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With a two-decade career as a makeup artist, I've worked with countless celebrities and brides, featured in various publications.
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Typically, hiring your glam squad is pretty low on the list of things to do for your wedding. Even worse, you didn’t really know how much to budget for bridal beauty. Now that you are getting quotes; your Maid of Honor, who does her makeup pretty well is looking like a good choice!  The only pro to having a friend do your makeup and hair is that you will be saving money. On the other hand, will you really?

Hire A Professional Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Or DIY?

You are paying your photographer and videographer big bucks to capture this most special day… but by having a friend, or even yourself do the hair and makeup, you are risking that your photos will not be what you expect.

Professional Makeup Artist

A trained professional will know what types of makeup to use for Ultra HD Video and flash photography. They will know the correct colors to use if you are getting married indoors or outdoors. They will know the colors that will look best at the time of day you will be taking photos. A Pro knows what types of hairstyles will look best with your face shape and neckline of your expensive gown. There are so many things an experienced bridal makeup and hair artist would take into consideration when creating a customized look for you on your wedding day, that the average person would not think about.

Go through your camera roll- check out how you look or your BFF looks in all the photos you take. Is that the look you are going for on your wedding day?! Probably not. If you are going to hire a professional photographer to capture the day, then you will definitely need to hire a professional makeup artist & hairstylist!

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